Trusted Local Support

TechMedX has been serving Northern Virginia for over 20 years.

Family owned and operated, focused on customer service.

Custom Computer

We build computers for home, office, gaming, or just to be the fastest on the block.

TechMedX has a custom computer waiting just you for.

Support Plans

Support plans include everything you need to stayr safe and secure.

Award winning Anti-Virus protection and image backups TechMedX has you covered.

To see all the service plans offered by TechMedX please click below.

Small Business

  • Managed Security
  • Network configuration
  • Remote Solutions



  • Virus Protection
  • Wireless Extension
  • Cable Cleanup



  • Custom Desktops
  • Gaming PC
  • High End Rigs


Data Services

  • File Hosting
  • Image Backup
  • File Backups

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