Local Support

Technical support from local people you can trust. TechMedX has been serving the Northern Virginia for over 15 years. We are proudly family owned and operated with a focus on customer service. To learn more about us please click below

Custom Computer

TechMedX has built many custom computers for our clients. No matter if it is for home, office, or gaming, or just to be the fastest on the block, TechMedX has a custom computer waiting just you for. Click the link below to see some samples of previous computers TechMedX has built for clients.
Remote Technical Support

Service Plans

Our Support Service plans include everything you need to keep your computer safe and secure. From Award winning Anti-Virus protection to computer backups TechMedX has you covered. To see all the service plans offered by TechMedX please click below.

Home Theater

TechMedX can design, configure, and install a wide variety of Home Theaters. From a simple mounted TV in the Kitchen to a fully immersive big screen with surround sound TechMedX has you covered. Contact us today to discuss your next Home Theater project.

computer help

Computer support

TechMedX has been providing small business and residential support to the Washington D.C. for over 20 years. Please contact us today and let us help you with all your technical support needs.

service plans

Service Plans

From single computer to an office full of computers, TechMedX service plans have you covered. Managed Service plans include everything you need to keep your computer safe, secure, and running at peek performance.

Ambulance with electronics

Home Electronics

TechMedX supports more than just computers! With Home Theaters, Surveillance, and Home Automation on the rise, home electronics have gotten more complicated than just programing the time on the VCR. Contact TechMedX today get discuss how we can help with all your home electronics.

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