Business Support Plans

Our Business Service Plans are designed to help keep your business secure and up to date. All business level services plans include the same great set of services. Below is a list of those services, followed by a list of common plans. These are just common examples, our plans are fully customize-able. Contact us today for more detailed information or to schedule a consultation.


Business Level Support/Scheduling –  Businesses get our fast response time and more direct access to technicians. Basic questions answered via email or phone call when available. Support tickets at the Business Level are handle before Residential Level tickets.

Remote Support – TechMedX uses a variety of methods to provide the best possible technical support to our clients. Telephone, E-mail, and TeamVeiwer can all be utilized to provide the fastest most complete technical support possible. Answers to common or very minor questions are included at no cost. More in depth or advanced technical support sessions are available in 15 minute increments.

No Trip Fees! – Not all problems can be resolved remotely, and you may need some of our non-computer related services. When you do you will never pay a trip fee. Any and all trip fees are waived . *For TechMedX operating area only, for locations outside the normal operating area a $25 discount will be applied to your trip fee.

Anti-Virus/Malware – Award winning protection from ESET that not only protects against viruses and malware, but also against today’s newest threats PUPs. Standing for Potentially Unwanted Programs, PUPs are all those annoying pop ups you get when booting your computer or browsing the web.

Firewall and Web Content Filtering – Keep unwanted traffic out of your network with a fully functional and programmable firewall. With network attack Protection and Botnet protection your cover against today newest threats. Content filtering allows you to control what websites or type of content can be access from your office network. Keep unwanted malware off your network and keep employees focused with total control of your networks traffic.

Windows Update Management – Our software “agent” will check the Windows Updates status and alert us if any Windows Security Update are not installed. Using our centralized web based platform, TechMedX can tell our “agents” to install updates as needed.

Add-on Update Management – Not sure what an add-on is or if it needs to be updated or not? TechMedX “agents” will update over 100 of the most common add-ons like Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, iTunes, Skype, and many many more. Each week the agent will look for updates to any program you currently have installed. If it finds an approved update available for your software it will automatically update it to the current version.


Common Service Pans


Monthly Block 1

1 hour of labor each month included = $125.00

Additional hours billed at $120.00 per hour

Manged services agents = 1 to 10 workstations at $9.00 each per month


Monthly Block 2

2 hours of labor each month included = $240.00

Additional hours billed at $115.00 per hour

Managed services agents = unlimited workstations at $8.50 each per month


Monthly Block 4

4 hours of labor each month included = $460.00

Additional hours billed at $105.00 per hour

Managed services agents = unlimited workstations at $8.00 each per month


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