TechMedX Support Plans

TechMedX offers support service plans that are affordable for everyone. We have different plans which cover everything from the software updates, remote support, virus/malware protection; all the way to priority scheduling, data backups, and additional discounts.

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•Priority 3 Scheduling
•Remote Technical Support
•Virus/Malware Protection
•No Trip Fee*
•SPAM Filtering (Outlook only)
•Updates Management



Basic plan +

Data Backup
•Rouge website protection
•Firewall/Web Content Filtering
•Discounted Loaner computer**
•5% Off All Services


Complete Protection

Essentials plan +

Image & Data Backup
•Priority 2 Scheduling
•Additional 5% Off All Services
•Free Loaner Computer**
•1/Hr per year Support Included


Complete Family

Complete Protection
•Includes Up to 3 Devices


Virtually Unlimited

Complete Family plan
•Priority 1 Scheduling
•1 Hour Per Month Tech Support
•Extended Travel Area Free***
•Up to 5 Devices

Support Service plans are designed to help keep your computer up to date and alleviate the need for you to manage updating all your applications. Support service plans DO NOT ensure that no problems will ever arise with your computer. However when or if they do we will be in a better position to quickly help resolve whatever issue may come up.

*Discounted trip fee of $25 covers the primary service area/**Discount and free loaner computer for offsite services only for no longer than 3 days per year/***No trip fees for TechMedX extended service area, contact us for areas included.

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