World Backup Day is March 31st.

Yes, it’s a real day, we didn’t make this up!








In honor of world back up day TechMedX would like to remind everyone how important it is to have a backup routine and a good recent backup of your data. A good backup is important because what would you do if you deleted or lost all of your photos, documents, and emails? What if your computers hard drive failed? What if you become a victim of ransomware?
Ransomware is a very serious danger to your personal files. This type of malware can prevent users from accessing their computer system by either encrypting the entire system, or the user’s files. The newer versions have no way to recover files unless a ransom is paid. You can also avoid paying the ransom if you have a backup of your data. For that we recommend a Service Plan that includes backups, which are monitored by TechMedX technicians.
We know…So many questions, but 1 great answer! Have a good backup routine and check your backups often to make sure you have a good backup. If you currently have a backup routine, and you check your backups, TechMedX would like to give you a big pat on the back! If you do not have a backup routine or you are unsure give TechMedX a call today. We now offer backup services as part of our Support Plans or we can set up your own personal routine. 

Don’t wait!

Call TechMedX today because what would YOU do if you lost everything?!!

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