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Unlike big box stores, or online vendors that will sell any computer, TechMedX only sells computers we would use, and recommend. Since we will usually assist our clients with maintenance and support of these computer, we want them to be happy with the entire experience. While TechMedX can custom build a machine to any specifications, we have found that most people use very similar setups. These are some of our most common configuration in a basic, and functional case.

Currently we commonly use the following parts,
(all can be customized)

Windows 10 Professional
8th Generation Intel i3 processor 3.6GHz
Asus Motherboard with 1GB Network card, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, Audio
Multiple monitor support with HDMI, DVI, and VGA connectors
Keyboard and Mouse
Basic Mini Tower case
450-watt Power supply
DVD/CD Player/Burner


Additional information


8, 16


500GB, 1TB


None, 1TB, 2TB


None, WiFi AC, WiFi AC+Bluetooth

7 reviews for Desktop computer

  1. Pete C

    Loving my new computer—frees up hours!

    I can now take three showers per week instead of just one.

  2. Jen W

    My computer is great. No long wait to startup and it is quick and responsive. Has no problem with lengthy and complex PDF files. Easily transfers information.

  3. Steve M

    TechMedX handled everything. They picked up my failing computer, built the one I chose (with the technician help), and transferred all my data. When they came back with the new unit they reconnected my wifi, email, printers, and everything just worked!! I will never get another computer without TechMedX help! Thanks again for making it so easy for me!

  4. AKH

    Computer is very well made and functions superbly. Thanks TechMedX!

  5. Linda Ethington

    It takes only 25 secs to totally load up from OFF!
    Photos and videos download immediately. I’m totally spoiled. And have Dawn and Shawn do the back up and installation made it all seamless…and DONE.

  6. Nate B

    Great computer TechMedX quick build and shipping!

  7. Donna M

    Good computer, good price, great service.

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