Imagine if you could use 1 remote control to operate all your devices with ease…

Universal remotes allow you to use 1 remote to control all of your TV equipment. Instead of using a remote for the TV, and another for the DVD player, and yet another to control the cable box, you could use 1 universal remote for them all.


New universal remotes are very user friendly; just select what you want to do and the remote takes care of the rest (after initial configuration). For example; if you want to watch a movie, you just press the “watch movie” button and the remote will turn on the TV, DVD/Blue Ray player, and change the video inputs in 1 simple push of a button. Making it quick and easy!

You’ll no longer have to go through all the steps necessary to watch a movie, the remote will do it for you.¬†Also, you won’t have to keep track of all the remotes for your home theater; eliminating the remote-control clutter. Just put all your remotes in a drawer and forget about them!

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